Mission & Vision


A producing and receiving theatre in the heart of historic York

York Theatre Royal is the oldest continuously operating theatre company in the English speaking world. It is a cultural hub for York, North Yorkshire and beyond, and is recognised nationally for the scale of its integration with the people of the city and the region.


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Mission and Vision

York Theatre Royal is a brave creative hub at the heart of the city, and it is here for you.

These stages, buildings and our city will thrive with live theatre of exceptional quality made with you – the world’s most exciting artists – with more of the world’s most exciting artists.

Our values

The values we live by

We are ambitious

We are sturdy

We are welcoming

We are ambassadors for York

We celebrate the city’s true diversity; it makes us bloom

We are creative in every context

We pull together

We excel in every area

Our aims

To celebrate the theatre as a producing house and to make as much theatre as possible in York.

To use our artistic identity and skills to establish new revenue streams with a view to resilience.

To enhance internal and external perceptions of the organisation.

To forge new partnerships.

To grow our audience, celebrating the true diversity of contemporary York and beyond.

To inspire internationally as an example of a cultural organisation that entwines with the needs of its community.