Young people finding our way forward together

York Theatre Royal Futureproof is a team of young people from Yorkshire who want to have a voice in the changing landscape of arts and culture. Through a variety of activities, events and consultations they will be asking big questions and challenging, debating and discussing the relationship between culture and young people now and into the future.

The first York Theatre Royal Futureproof event, entirely programmed by the Futureproof team, took place on Saturday 22 August online. Thank you to all who joined in!

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The Team

Scroll down to meet the Futureproof team!


Becky – A born and bred Yorkshire woman (with a 3 year hiatus in London).  I enjoy 80s pop, fancy dress and anything with glitter on it!  I am part of Futureproof because I believe that everyone should be included in conversations about the future and that it is extremely important that we, as young people, are able to share our thoughts, feelings and concerns in a safe and supported environment.


Bethany – From West Yorkshire. I love theatre, dancing and poetry. I try to make as many people happy and tell stories by doing what I love. I am a part of Futureproof as I believe everyone should have a voice and the arts is a great way to give people a voice.


Elise – born in Bolton with parents from Hong Kong, now based in York. I love dance, theatre and photography (basically anything artsy). I am a part of Futureproof because I want to create a community of discussion among young people who are interested in the arts and culture!


Harri – Originally a southern girl, I’m now firmly York based and very much in love with Northern arts! I am a proactive busy body fighting for equality in the arts – specifically being advocate for deaf artists. I love directing, writing and messing about with theatre lighting. I am part of Futureproof as I want to open a dialogue between the arts and cultural sector with young people to find ways to make, inspire, challenge and create!


Henry – Recent Business Management grad from the University of York and previous head of marketing and communications for the TakeOver Festival. Huge love of theatre and of my cats, I don’t shut up about either. Podcast host and producer with a passion for championing young people looking to enter the arts industry. Henry has done the design and branding for the festival.


Isabel – York born and bred. I love pretty much everything creative, and think it’s so important that we talk about pressing issues in the world such as race, gender and the environment. I’m taking part in the Future Proof Festival because I want to help make changes for young people so that our voices are heard.


Juliette – A recent graduate based in York. I love dancing, writing and all things creative. I am involved in FutureProof because I believe that the arts have the power to inspire great change and this is a fantastic way to give young people a voice!


Karol – I was born in Poland but I have lived in England for 9 years now. I love creating art, rollerblading and fighting for justice for everyone. I’m part of the Future Proof Project because i want to be a voice for those who need our support and help.


Laura – I am a Yorkie girl and some of my interests are music mostly playing my instruments, reading, theatre, writing, nature, chocolate, anything sweet and learning new and interesting things. I am part of the future proof festival as I want other young people to learn amazing opportunities out there and also how it can be achieved.


Luella – From the centre of York. Currently training at CAPA college a performing arts college. I spend my time dancing, improvising, writing and creating little films when I can! I love fashion and rummaging through charity shops, I try and spread awareness on fast fashion too. I am part of Futureproof because I want to help reimagine theatre and how young people can be apart of it.


Rabab – Born and raised in Bradford. I spend a lot of my time binge watching movies and tv shows and spreading important information about what is happening around the world. I love theatre, photography and all things yellow! I joined the Futureproof team because I want young people’s voices to be heard and to let them know that whatever they want to talk about vocally matters.


Sydney – Lives in York and is preparing to study an inspiring Performing Arts degree course in Manchester! Has a passion for writing as well as performing and loves to watch Marvel. I chose to join Futureproof because I want to give young members a chance to express themselves not only as a performer but as a person.