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Are some lives really worth less? Out of Character explores

Something strange is happening, something disturbing”

After the sell-out success of Objects of Terror in 2017, award-winning Out of Character are collaborating with us once again on Less Than Human from 12-14 March in the Studio.


The planet has less to give and its inhabitants are taking more. In this struggling world of diminishing resources humanity is forced to wrestle with the true cost of survival. What does it mean to be truly human? Are some lives worth more than others? Who decides who lives and dies?

As evolving technologies offer new forms of “human being” is there still hope for a bright future…or do some people have to pay the price?


Out of Character is a company of artists and performers comprising people who use or have used mental health services. Their bold, creative and darkly comedic approach to making theatre aims to stir both the mind and the heart.

The company was given the Excellence in Equality and Cultural Diversity Prize at the York Culture Awards in 2018.

Audiences on social media have described their work as compelling, excellent, deeply affecting, intense, beautiful, clever, articulate, challenging, powerful, poignant, and thought-provoking.