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York Theatre Royal suffers break-in

The theatre cafe before the break-in


This morning cleaners at York Theatre Royal arrived to work at 7 ‘o’ clock as usual to discover there had been a break in overnight.


A pane of glass in the 1967 foyer extension has been smashed using part of a paving slab and the intruder/s have entered the foyer and using another paving slab to smash into the theatre’s donations box.


During the run of the pantomime, Old Mother Goose, York Theatre Royal have been asking audiences to contribute to the Capital building appeal. After every performance Berwick Kaler makes an announcement from the stage asking audiences to dig deep and leave a few pounds in buckets as they leave the theatre. In addition to hand held buckets the theatre fixed a donations box to the foyer wall, not visible from the street, and it is this box that has been subject to theft.


Liz Wilson the theatre’s Chief Executive said:

What makes me so sad is that our audiences over the festive season have given this money to help support the theatre achieve our ambitious redevelopment. If the person who has done this has any pride in their city whatsoever, they ought to consider bringing back the money and turning themselves in to the police. Families over Christmas have donated money and we even know of children who have enjoyed putting their pocket money in the box.


It is a huge blow for the theatre, with just weeks to go until it closes for a major re-development that will cost £4.1 million. The theatre is in the process of raising the last £500,000 needed to transform the theatre’s foyer space, café, toilets, disability access, auditorium and stage.


The theatre believes the box had in excess of £1000 in it. Like lots of other arts organisations across the country, the box had been placed in the foyer to encourage visitors to the theatre to donate, with regular updates on the amount raised placed on a poster in the foyer too.


The police are currently at the theatre investigating the scene of the crime. The theatre’s Box Office will open at the usual time this morning, however, the café will be open much later than usual.


The theatre is raising money for a £4.1 million re-development