• York Walls Performance Trail

Event Details

Sat 16 Sep

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Running Time: 10-15 minutes for each performance

Venue: York City Walls

Ticket Information: Free and unticketed

York Walls Performance Trail

TakeOver Festival will be taking to York’s famous city walls for a one of a kind performance trail.

Featuring new and emerging artists and performers at various stations throughout the Monkbar to Bootham Bar stretch of the walls with 10-15 minute shows this will be the perfect opportunity to engage with accessible arts, one of TakeOver’s main aims, and find out what we’ve got planned for this year’s festival.

We’re pleased to be able to confirm our acts and their performances below:

ApposArt Theatre Company 

ApposArt Theatre Company is a Hull-based group that provides a theatrical voice for the unheard with a strong enforcement of its Northern routes, voice and culture. In 2017, ApposArt has produced the first Hull production ever to be streamed internationally, A Crooked Star, and the first ever UK Pride theatre production as part of Hull UK City of Culture 2017, Lads & Lasses. Their performance during the trail is an original piece entitled You Say Campaign, I Say Champagne by Aidan Thompson-Coates. ApposArt challenges you to rethink what is truly important in life and to ponder how fair and kind a society we truly live in.

Pleb Theatre

Pleb Theatre make spectacular, absurd and accessible walkabout clown theatre for emerging audiences in non-traditional spaces. They perform at public and private events, festivals and markets across the UK, having most recently opened the Guildford Fringe Festival 2017. Striving for accessibility, they perform and interact without language to connect with those of all backgrounds. They will be performing their original show, The Wizahhhdz.

The Wizarding University is closed for summer, and the professors are out on leave. Join these wise men as they
 explore, finding the magic in everything. Who
 knows the mystical powers something as simple as an umbrella could hold? The Wizahhhdz, they know, and they’d love to show you.

Lord & Slater

Lord & Slater are a performance collective creating characterful, playful, and participatory work. Travel Agents tests multidisciplinary models of absurd spoken word poetry with choreographed dance. Two travel agents (Debra Deakin and Jamie-Glyn Bale) dressed in holiday attire will get lost in fluttering and flapping semaphore flags, provide safety instructions for first time flyers, and provide utopian escapism to new far-off destinations such as Bognor Regis.

We charge exorbitant rates for cockroaches on plates. We charge exorbitant rates for flight times on incorrect dates. But look here, here’s a deal. A holiday for two in Ben-i-dorm, it’s a steal.

Louise Bland

Louise is a storytelling who brings old fables to life with song, movement and audience engagement, with its 2000 year old history Louise is well placed to explore York’s famous city walls. 

Caitlin & Ahlaam

Through the medium of poetry this pair will entice the York Walls audience with an eclectic mix of spoken word. 

We’ve partnered with Friends of York Walls and York City Council to ensure this is a safe and accessible event for as many of York’s residents and tourists as possible. We know the city walls provide a popular destination for many people so we have set this up in order to allow people who just want to enjoy the wall without partaking in our trail to do so safely and freely.