• Dr Lindsey Fitzharris - The Butchering Art

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Sat 24 Mar

Time: 7pm

Running Time: Approx 90mins

Venue: St Peter's School

Ticket Information: £7.50

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Dr Lindsey Fitzharris - The Butchering Art

Surgeons are the miracle-workers of the 21st Century – but it was not always so... In The Butchering Art, medical historian Dr Lindsey Fitzharris recreates the turning point in the history of medicine, when pioneering British surgeon Joseph Lister transformed his brutal, harrowing practice into the safe, vaunted profession we know today. It is the story of one of history’s greatest scientific minds. Lindsey tells a love story between science and medicine, of how the Victorians brought centuries of savagery, sawing and gangrene to an end – and saved hundreds of millions of lives in the generations to come.