• Studio Discoveries

Event Details

Tue 20 Nov - Sat 24 Nov

Time: Various

Venue: Studio

Ticket Information: £10

Studio Discoveries

A week of exciting new theatre curated by Visionari (community programming team) for you. With no two days the same, we believe there's something here for everyone... but don't take our word for it - turn off Netflix and come and see for yourself!

Tue 20 Nov | 6pm
Loaded with optimism and chocolate digestives, The Welcome Revolution celebrates community and offers us ways to build connections. Join us for a cuppa and be part of this story, inspired by the people of this city. This is a call to arms with mugs in hand!

Tue 20 Nov | 8pm
Turning the international refugee crisis on its head, this is the story of Sam, a young mum from York, trying to protect her family and find a new home in a country on the brink of environmental devastation.

Wed 21 Nov | 7:45pm
In this poetic and physical storytelling show, a slightly frazzled and careworn woman returns home after a nightmare party to scramble through life's labels, expectations, failures, recommendations... and pieces of IKEA furniture.

Thu 22 Nov | 2:30pm
Award-winning actor Michael Mears portrays a gallery of characters from conscientious objectors to Prime Ministers in this compelling and inspiring show based on the real life stories of men who said 'no' to war.

Thu 22 Nov | 8:15pm
100 years since the 1918 Armistice, this thrilling show focuses on the stories of euphoric emancipation, forbidden friendships and anarchic dreams faces by Britain's unsung war heroines, the Canary Girls.

Fri 23 & Sat 24 Nov | 6pm | Upper Foyer

Performer Caitlin Gleeson serves more than just drinks as she uses her own experiences of sexual harassment at work to show how 'harmless' banter can have devastating effects. Compliments and threatening comments alike are dissected through a careful mix of humour, truth and free drinks.

Fri 23 Nov | 7:45pm
Hero worship and reality clash - punk rock style! Dario Coates (Coronation Street) plays Craig, a young man at odds with everyone except his hero and brother-in-arms: the long dead bassist of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious.

Sat 24 Nov | 7:45pm
Musician and theatre-maker Dom Coyote's lyrical new solo piece, set to a backdrop of 80's synths and drum machines, is a story of adventure, hope and the urgency of living in the now.