• Lost In A Sea Of Glass & Tin

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Thu 28 Mar

Time: 7.45pm

Venue: Studio

Ticket Information: £13 | Students £8

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Producer: Claire Hind and Gary Winters

Lost In A Sea Of Glass & Tin

What does it mean to leave everything we ever knew behind? Take off and live a life of solitude? Where can we go and what can we become?

Lost in A Sea of Glass and Tin responds to David Lynch’s concept of ‘the eye of the duck’, particularly with regards to what the eye can teach us about repetition, texture, shape and the colour of performance. We play with cross-fertilisations of art forms between Lynch’s noireesque cinema and a distortion of gestures for the singing body once explored by medieval hermits and in solitude. We draw upon our own fascination and observations of a seaside entertainer who week in and week out sings the classics and to his heart’s content along with the energy and commitment of his super fans.

Lost in A Sea of Glass and Tin premiered at The Defibrillator Gallery Chicago and is a mixed media live work of light, sound, projection and voice.

Part of York Literature Festival