• Little Feet Festival

Event Details

Tue 07 Jun - Sun 12 Jun

Venue: Main House, Studio & De Grey


Producer: tutti frutti & York Theatre Royal

Little Feet Festival

York Theatre Royal and tutti frutti are hosting their fourth Little Feet Festival of Children’s Theatre in June 2016.  Every two years York Theatre Royal turns its whole building over to 0-12 year olds, introducing them to the magic of theatre.  

Little Feet completely transforms the theatre building, turning the foyer into a beautiful and imaginative play area.  A special menu of festival food and free craft activities are provided, plus a host of performances, interactive experiences and workshops for babies and children of all ages and their families.  Little Feet 2016 will take place in the newly renovated York Theatre Royal front of house and auditorium spaces.

Click on the show titles below to find out more about the productions that are part of this year's Festival:

A laugh-out-loud play with few words for the very young and the curiously inquisitive.  

Featuring worms, slugs, snails, spontaneous outbreaks of ant dancing and plenty of insect-related facts, Grass uses performance, puppetry and projection to inspire children to look closely at the world around them, to get mucky and play!

Each Claytime is totally unique - creating its own world, its own characters and its own stories drawn directly from its young audience. 

The Man Who Planted Trees
The inspiring story of a shepherd who plants a forest, acorn by acorn, transforming a barren wasteland. 

The Enchanted Chalk
This fun performance workshop includes live drawing, storytelling, music and improvisation with the audience. 

Dinosaur Zoo
Now introducing the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the stage, marvel at and interact with extraordinary lifelike dinosaurs in this imaginative and hilarious live show, which has been a huge hit around the world. 

Don’t Dribble On The Dragon
Based on the beautiful, new book by Steven Lee and with magic designed by the legendary Paul Daniels, this spectacular, fun-filled musical adventure about friendship and the importance of family is the perfect feel-good show.

The Pine Tree and its Green Secret
This interactive spoken word performance and workshop combines music, dance and theatre to encourage people to respect each other, value friendship and live in harmony with themselves and nature.