• Last Resort

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Sat 26 May

Time: 6pm & 8pm

Venue: Studio

Ticket Information: £12.50

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Producer: 2Magpies Theatres

Last Resort

Last Resort is an alternative future for Guantanamo Bay. The waterboarding has stopped, the noise has been turned down and the military base has been reclaimed as a holiday destination. You, the audience, are our holidaymakers. You will sit in a deckchair, you will get a rum cocktail on arrival and you will feel the sand between your toes. We will be your tour guides.

Join 2Magpies Theatre as they take you through the tropical haze on a unique multi-sensory package holiday. This is an extraordinary rendition and it is all-inclusive. Last Resort is a menacing fiction, made entirely of unimaginable fact.

This immersive show was developed through a research process bringing together artists, academics and human rights organisations including Reprieve. Commissioned by The Lowry.

'Pushing one’s understanding of theatre as pure make-believe' - ★★★★ Broadway Baby

'This is political theatre at it’s finest' - ★★★★ The List