• Grab 'Em By The Pussy

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Mon 23 Oct

Time: 7.45pm

Venue: Studio

Ticket Information: £12

Booking Fee: £1.50 transaction fee per booking

Warning: Contains adult themes.

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Written & Produced By: Caroline Buckley

Grab 'Em By The Pussy

A new, surreal comedy musical about grabbing pussy. In a world where women are touched daily in places they didn’t even know they had, outcast Maisy has never been objectified. Bless her. Join her on her quest to be fondled.

Explore a world where reality and fiction are blurred in an intoxicated dreamscape. It will be weird. It will be hilarious. And there will be songs such as, No One Will Let Me Blow Them, I Can Carry Heavy Objects Long Distances Without Needing a Rest and Seem Like A Corpse. There might even be a comedy dance routine or two. One thing is for sure: nobody will leave untouched!

Grab’ Em is a serio-comic response to the world’s reaction to Trump’s ” grab’ em by the pussy” which highlighted the mass normalisation of sexual harassment. We explore cat-calling and bum slapping with a funky beat, we’ll show you ‘grab hands’ not ‘jazz hands’, and of course we’ll grab you by the pussy. After all, ‘you asked for it’. Didn’t you?

Twitter: @grabembythemeow
Facebook: /grabembythemeow