• 7/7 The Dance of Life in Seven Steps

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Mon 15 May - Tue 16 May

Time: 7.45pm

Venue: Studio

Ticket Information: £12

Booking Fee: £1.50 transaction fee per booking

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Producer: Hungarian State Theatre “Csiky Gergely” Timişoara (Romania)

Dramaturgy by: Simona Donici

Director/Choreographer/Performer: Baczó Tünde

Set Design: Albert Alpár

Costumes: Baczó Tünde

Composer/Musician: Cári Tibor

Video Projection: Balázs Klára

7/7 The Dance of Life in Seven Steps

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players...” 

What if Shakespeare were a woman, on the world’s stage, today? 

7/7 rewrites Jacques’ famous monologue in the play ”As you like it” from the viewpoint of a woman,  forced upon the stage of the contemporary world. From that starting point, the fine filter of dancing, and physical theatre denudes the story of words, recomposing the seven stages of life in a non-verbal manner, from childhood to old age metamorphosed within a contemporary female character.

Roles do exist. They are the ones which we play because we want to, or because they are forced upon us by the demands of a constantly shifting society. We let ourselves live by the question: where are we? Inside or beyond these roles? Are we the sum of our roles or the human being hidden behind them? 

The choreographic world created by Baczó Tünde is complemented by music written and played live by Cári Tibor (winner of the UNITER award for theatre music) video projections by Balázs Klára, set by Albert Alpár and dramaturgy by Simona Donici.

Part of York International Shakespeare Festival