• City Of Sanctuary Drop-In

Event Details

Wed 13 Sep - Wed 28 Feb

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Venue: York Theatre Royal

Ticket Information: Free

City Of Sanctuary Drop-In

We are excited to be linking up with City of Sanctuary, a movement committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for refugees seeking sanctuary from war and persecution by hosting a weekly drop-in centre, every Wednesday afternoon here at York Theatre Royal.

The York branch is working with lots of people to help them integrate into the city and they are hosting a drop-in centre for sanctuary seekers here on a weekly basis. It is a place of conversation, support and a place for people to come regularly to feel comfortable. If people simply want to drop in for a coffee and a quiet chat, we’ll be happy to do that. If people want to be taken for a walk around York, go to a museum or stroll to a park, that’s fine too.

York City of Sanctuary works in several ways. As well as seeking to promote an environment of understanding and compassion within the city, they visit institutions and places of education to give talks and lead discussions. They also work with individual refugees or asylum seekers who for whatever reason find themselves in York and are unable to return to their countries of origin. As well as assisting refugees who come to York as part of government schemes, York City of Sanctuary co-ordinates visits to the city by refugees from the environs with the help of an active team of volunteers.


مدينه يورك للأيواء
جلسات الحوار المفتوح

تقوم مدينه يورك للأيواء بأقامة جلسات كل يوم الأربعاء في مسرح يورك الملكي بين الساعه الواحده ظهرآ حتى الساعه الخامسه مساءا.
تفتح أبوابنا لكل اللاجئين و طالبي اللجوء الساكنين في مدينه يورك.
نطمح أن نكون ملتقى و نقطه البدء لمزيد من الدعم .
أذا أردت ان تحضر لمجرد شرب فنجان من القهوة و حديث هادئ معنا فسنكون سعداء بذلك. و أذا أردت ان تسير في مدينه يورك, أو أن تذهب الى متحف ما أو منتزه فنحن على أستعداد بمرافقتك أيضآ .
نأمل أيضا ان نكون متجاوبين مع ما يطلبه الأشخاص . تبدأ الجلسات أعتبارا من يوم الخامس والعشرين من شهر تموز (يوليو) الحالي .
نتشوق بلقائكم في مسرح يورك الملكي , شارع سنت ليونارد بليس, يورك