• Black Box Showcase 3

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Fri 20 Jul

Time: 7.45pm

Venue: Studio

Ticket Information: FREE (booking required)

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Producer: York Theatre Royal

Black Box Showcase 3

Three exciting artists/companies share an extract from their latest new project, giving audiences an insight into the process of creating a contemporary performance and an opportunity for you to offer informal feedback on the night.

All three artists/companies are making this work at, or with, York Theatre Royal through our Artist Development Network programme.

Same Same Different by Naomi Sumner-Chan

A new verbatim play about adoption, identity and belonging. Material has been gathered from adoptees living all over the world and you will hear real stories, told in the adoptees own, words about life in a family/community who look nothing like you. Does nature or nurture most influence a person's identity and personality? Their answers might surprise you.

Flattered by Flattered Collective

Flattered addresses, honestly and frankly, the issue of public harassment towards women. Using people’s real experiences as stimuli for the creation of the work, the show strives to tell unrecounted stories that occur on a daily basis. It shouts out that women are sick of being whistled and shouted at on the street and fed up of being treated as though they won’t mind. Flattered invites you to look at a collage of these thoughts, worries and aggressions that many women have using physical theatre, sound and music; telling a story, lived out by many, heard by few.

Mr Saxon’s Excellently English Evening of Entertainment by KIFLi Theatre

Roll-up. Roll-up. England. A place for Saxons and bubble-people. Where NHS protests start in nightclubs, Gove's a goblin and we sing the Ballad of the Brexit Lady. Cabaret-style documentary theatre with satirical original music. Acts include The Hermit Freak who avoids the news and The Prophet who predicts Britain’s future.