• Adult Theatre Workshops

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Mon 17 Sep - Mon 26 Nov

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm

Venue: Workshop 2, De Grey Rooms

Ticket Information: £12 per session (£100 for the full term)

Age Recommendations: 18+

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Adult Theatre Workshops

These workshops cover a wide range of dramatic disciplines and focus on expanding your dramatic experience, confidence and development.

Whether you are just beginning to explore acting or looking to enhance your skills further, participants are always welcome to learn in a comfortable, relaxed environment where the emphasis is on discovery and constructive learning through practical experience.

This year’s Adult Acting Workshops will be delivered by Niall Costigan and Cassie Vallance. Here’s a little bit about them:

Niall is an Actor and Theatre Maker based in York. He has a BA Hons in Acting from LIPA and works extensively as an actor in Theatre, Film and TV; including the title role in The Legend of King Arthur and A Number at York Theatre Royal. TV credits include Casualty, Vera and Emmerdale. As an experienced Director and Workshop leader Niall is really looking forward to sharing his passion for Drama with everyone in the class.

Cassie trained at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire (formally known as the RSAMD) where she received a BA Hons in Acting. She has worked in Theatre and TV throughout her career with credits including Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Wire in the Blood. Cassie has a passion for creating theatre both as a Divisor, Director and Writer. Her one woman show Barren won the award for merit at the LOST One Act Theatre Festival.

The 10 sessions will cover:

  • Body ready - The body, voice and mind is the actor’s tool in creating character. In this session we will focus on preparing each of these elements to become engaged and focused ready to work. Bringing in exercises used in this session throughout the rest of the classes. 17 September
  • The importance of active listening - the ability of really listening is a true skill. Listening to other cast members, the audience, the Director, yourself is absolutely vital. The session will draw out this skill through fun and interactive exercises. Listening not only with your head but with your heart and gut also. 24 September
  • Clowning around - ‘To joke, play, or otherwise behave in a silly way’. What better way to create and find characters through play. Explore finding your own clown and meeting others. 01 October
  • ‘It's only a puppet’ - in fact it's much more than that! This session unleashes creative imaginations through storytelling and puppetry by manipulation of everyday objects. 08 October
  • Mask play - Since the beginning of theatre many cultures from around the world have chosen to use masks. Theatre traditions in both West and Asia adopted masks as one of the most important tools that could be used on stage. Learning some of the subtleties of mask work helps any actor discover a lot about their own performance. 15 October
  • Building the fourth wall or knocking it down. Stanislavski and Brecht - 2 different very famous approaches to theatre. We will explore both styles during this session. 22 October
  • Improvisation - creating or performing something spontaneously or making something from whatever is available. Allowing yourself to react in the moment and go with flow takes skill and practice. The art of listening is also key here. 05 November
  • Approaching a script - Where do you start? Looking at the setting, stage directions and dialogue when performing someone else's work. 12 November
  • Getting to grips with Shakespeare - approaching the Bard with bite size sections of some of his classic texts. Exploring why he is still deemed one of the greatest play writers of all times. 19 November
  • Radio GaGa - no we’re not going be singing Queen songs all session but we are going to look at the tools and techniques involved in a radio play. Playing to an audience you can't see and creating the foley to support the text. 26 November

Running every Monday from 17 September to 26 November 2018 (excluding 29 October).