• One Thousand and One Nights

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Fri 21 Sep

Time: 7.45pm

Venue: Studio

Ticket Information: £12.50

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Producer: Crick Crack Club

Performed by: Chirine El Ansary

One Thousand and One Nights

A king betrayed by his wife, decides to reap his revenge on woman-kind by bedding, then slaughtering, one virgin every night...  but then he meets Sheharazade.

Sheharazade, the storyteller who saved her own life together with the lives of her children by telling stories for 1001 nights, is one of the great cultural creations of the Arab world. Stories nestle within stories, with demons, errant spouses, thieves, fools and comedians all jostling for attention

Combining grown-up folk and fairytale, the fabulous storyteller, Chirine El Ansary, draws us into the most intriguing and deliciously seductive episodes of The Nights - and the deepest passions and desires of men and women.

"Captivating, enchanting, a joy to witness" ★★★★ Everything Theatre

"Like all good storytellers, she lives  between reality and the world of the story" - Cairo Times

"...the storyteller of our hearts..." - Our Word Magazine, Cairo