Everything Is Possible Online Stream


By pulling together, everything is possible

Thank you to the 10,000 people who tuned in to our online stream of Everything Is Possible: The York Suffragettes on YouTube. We hope our inspirational production brought you some hope during this difficult time.

The play was performed on a spectacular scale with a cast of over 150 and a choir of 80. We raised the purple, green and white flags and cried “Votes for Women!” to sold-out audiences. You can still access the production resources below.


Discover more

We have some great resources if you want to find out more about the original production and provide insight on how we brought this epic production to life, including an Education Pack and the production’s Digital Programme.

A Message From The Playwright

By Bridget Foreman

It’s really poignant, in the midst of isolation and social distancing, to think about the making of Everything Is Possible; the extraordinary coming together of hundreds of local people, and the staging of huge crowd scenes both on the York Theatre Royal stage and outside York Minster. And now the stage is dark, and the streets are empty. But looking back to the way in which that show brought people together and inspired them in so many ways is a wonderful reminder of the power of theatre and community.

We saw participants and audience members getting involved with theatre, politics, activism, local history, family research, and I really hope that people watching the production digitally will find their own inspiration, their own vision and energy for engaging with and changing the world when we come through this crisis.

Bridget Foreman, writer of Everything Is Possible: The York Suffragettes