Monologues to reimagine the return of city life in Yorkshire

From characters in Shakespeare sharing their most intimate thoughts, to Fleabag’s direct to camera confessions, monologues are a timeless form of brilliant storytelling.

What the story is, how it’s told, who is telling it, and how they express themselves can reveal as much about a writer’s interests and abilities as the largest scale scripts.

Monologues are a great way to showcase a writer’s talent. But it can also be a fiendishly difficult form to make brilliant.

CROWD is a project to get everyone writing. We’ll share advice from experts to inspire your writing, every submission will get feedback, and some will get performed and recorded by our partner, Roots.

The Brief

We invited submissions of monologues no longer than five minutes in performance which responsed to the following brief:

On March 16th 2020, crowds abruptly stopped gathering like never before. Months have now passed and public gatherings have not restored to what they were. Crowds are likely forever changed.

City life is re-awakening in Yorkshire. But what communities are populating it, what do people now seek in crowds, and what potential is there for the future of busy city life?

We will be posting a selection of recorded monologues here in October 2020.


Every submission will receive feedback by Wednesday 28 October from Steven Atkinson, artistic director of Roots. Steven founded the new writing theatre company HighTide, and has produced over eighty new plays with theatres throughout the UK including the National Theatre, Royal Court Theatre, and Young Vic.


If we can help you further, please contact Steven Atkinson on

CROWD is a Roots and York Theatre Royal project.

CROWD is supported by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund.