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Venue: De Grey Rooms

Date: Sat 16 Mar

Time: 11am - 6pm

Produced by: York Theatre Royal

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Break In

Break In

Break In

A big day of conversations for artists, audience and industry. We thought it’s about time we all had a good chat, so we’d like to invite you all here. We want to have a big day where we can meet people, talk to people and start some ideas off. A day of getting together and asking the questions we want to ask, solving the things we need to solve and meeting the people we’d like to meet.

We will invite lots of other theatres, writers, directors, performers and anyone else we can think of. We might even have some dancing in the evening. See you there to be part of the conversation.

Free to attend but please book a place via Box Office.

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What is Break in?

What is Break in?