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Venue: Main House

Date: Tue 27 Nov - Sat 01 Dec

Time: 7.30pm (2pm Thu matinee, 2.30pm Sat matinee)

Produced by: Northern Broadsides in partnership with Harrogate Theatre

Written by: Nikolai Gogol

Adapted by: Deborah McAndrew

Directed by: Conrad Nelson

Music by: Conrad Nelson

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Northern Broadsides - A Government Inspector - Dig Yorkshire

Fri 21 Sep 2012

Written by Rich Jevons

“This is a social satire, it’s sometime anywhere and it is about corruption and how power corrupts is central to the piece.”

A government Inspector, Northern Broadsides at Harrogate Theatre

Fri 21 Sep 2012

Written by Ron Simpson

This 5-star review comes with a warning: there will be a minority of theatregoers who will not enjoy the caricatured elements of a classic play.

Northern Broadsides - A Government Inspector - Love Leeds Radio

Fri 21 Sep 2012

Written by Sarah Sturdy

Northern Broadsides have built up a reputation for being one of the country’s finest touring companies, and their production of A Government Inspector is more than deserving of such a reputation.

A Govenment Inspector - The Public Reviews

Fri 21 Sep 2012

Written by Katie Lee

Northern Broadsides present a fun-filled romp through this tale of grotesque characters attempting to cover up their misadventures.

A Government Inspector - The Independent

Fri 21 Sep 2012

Written by Jonathon Brown

"It is all a bit League of Gentleman but this campy, brassy update is very funny and very relevant."

A Government Inspector - The Guardian

Fri 21 Sep 2012

Written by Alfred Hickling

"You can pick holes with the script, but in the end there's no arguing with a tuba."

The Telegraph - Review: A Government Inspector

Thu 11 Oct 2012

Written by Dominic Cavendish

A quick thumbs-up for the latest touring show from Northern Broadsides – a nifty Northern reworking, complete with brass-band accompaniment, of Gogol’s A Government Inspector by Deborah McAndrew.

York Mix - Review: A Government Inspector

Fri 30 Nov 2012

Written by Chris Titley

On taking their seats, the audience is presented with a striking set (designed by Dawn Allsopp). A fabulous pile of drawers, in late Victorian-style polished wood, is stuffed with documents and money, promising hidden secrets and layers of deception.

York Theatre Royal Ambassadors - Review: A Government Inspector

Thu 06 Dec 2012

Written by

York Theatre Royal's Ambassadors from Joseph Rowntree School review A Government Inspector

A Government Inspector

A Government Inspector

A Government Inspector

Where there’s muck there’s brass’… and this hysterically funny tale of misdeeds, misadventure and mistaken identity has plenty of both.

In a small Pennine town a flashy young stranger is mistaken for the Government Inspector. The town’s unscrupulous Councillors, fearing discovery of their corrupt goings-on, do all they can to ingratiate themselves. Bribes, backhanders and brown envelopes abound and the stranger, who has an eye for a quick buck, takes full advantage with hilarious results.

Who better to breathe life and vigour into this barmy story than Northern Broadsides, one of the country’s finest and best-loved touring theatre companies. If you like your humour broad, your references topical, your heart warmed and your brass ‘live’, look no further than A Government Inspector.

Absurdly funny, clever and strangely familiar, you’ll never trust your local authority again … if you ever did that is!


Very funny and very relevant

“Jon Trenchard produces a tour de force as the preening interloper Snapper”

“Howard Chadwick is excellent as Cllr Belcher”


“It would be perverse to withhold five stars from something which is carried through with such intelligence, verve, imagination and consistency – not to mention clockwork precision!”

 “[Conrad Nelson]’s production is sharply defined, and immaculately paced” 

★★★★ - The Independent

★★★★ - The Guardian

★★★★★ -


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Northern Broadsides present A Government Inspector

Wed 28 Nov 2012

In a small Pennine hill town, a mysterious stranger is mistaken for a government inspector. Fearing discovery of their corrupt goings on, the town’s unscrupulous councillors attempt to ingratiate themselves.

Northern Broadsides present A Government Inspector

From Corrie to writing a ‘bold, big and brassy’ hit play

Wed 28 Nov 2012

Best known as Angie Freeman in Coronation Street, Deborah McAndrew is now an acclaimed playwright. Her critically-lauded adaptation of A Government Inspector hits the Main House this week, a comedy about small-town corruption, unscrupulous councillors, bribes and backhanders.



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A Government Inspector - Northern Broadsides

A Government Inspector - Northern Broadsides